Composition time!

I looked forward to writing composition in school when I was a kid. I used to get so lost in them, grammar and sentence structure gets thrown out the window. It’s sad that my eldest daughter doesn’t enjoy writing composition as much as I did then and even now. Whenever she gets composition homework, I would write mine in secret!

Unleash the creative beast!

The calming sound of waves crashing against the beach filled the air. Xiao Ming was at the beach with his elder brother, Hao Lian, and their parents. This was their monthly family picnic at the East Coast Park.

Today’s picnic was a little different from the months before. Xiao Ming was confident enough to remove the training wheels from his bicycle. He was looking forward to this picnic all month to finally be able to ride his bicycle like a big boy. He hurriedly finished his favourite egg mayonnaise sandwiches and gulped down a cold cup of orange juice that his mother spent all morning juicing.

Hao Lian and Xiao Ming took their bicycles and were ready to set off. Xiao Ming started riding his bicycle with a little wobble, almost falling off on a few occasions. Hao Lian saw his brother struggling and mocked him, “Haha! You are still a baby, you should put those training wheels back!”. Xiao Ming was determined to get his brother’s approval, he focused and rode on. This time he was getting better and soon, it felt second nature to him.

Having seen his younger brother being able to ride the bicycle as well as he could, Hao Lian decided to raise the standards.

“Look Xiao Ming! You’ll be a real big boy if you can ride like this! Hahaha!” Not only Hao Lian was riding the bike really fast with his arms folded at his chest, he was not looking at where he was going! Xiao Ming saw that his brother was cycling towards a large tree, he shouted, “Stop!!”.

It was too late.

The sound of screeching brakes followed by a loud and dull thud could be heard clearly. The impact was so great that birds that were sitting in that tree flew away and leaves could be seen falling towards the ground!

Xiao Ming jumped off his bicycle and ran towards his badly hurt brother. His parents were not far behind. Anxiety was written all over their faces.

Hao Lian was unconscious, his mother tried slapping his cheeks to wake him up, however he was not responding. Fearing the worst she wailed out loud before fainting. Xiao Ming’s father shouted for help as the situation was worsened. A crowd started to gather around them and most of them with mobile phone in hand taking pictures of Hao Lian’s bloodied face and badly mangled body.

Lieutenant Colonel Natalie, Commanding Officer of the Singapore Armed Force Medical Corp, was running her favourite weekend route at the East Coast Park. She has been running this route for the past 6 months and today she was going to set a new best timing. As she was about to finish her run, she saw a commotion ahead. Without any hesitation and regard to the record she has been trying to set for weeks, she ran towards the crowd.

She pushed past the crowd and saw a boy and a woman lying on the ground, it was Hao Lian and his mother who fainted. Hao Lian’s father saw Natalie sweating in her Army issued running vest with the Medical Corp insignia, pleaded to her, “Please help us!”

Natalie took her phone from her pouch and called for an ambulance. Having had years of training as a doctor, she was cool as a cucumber and began assessing the situation. She checked Xiao Ming’s mother and gave clear instructions to his Father to tend to his wife.

Natalie turn to Hao Lian who was still unconscious and bleeding profusely from his right thigh. She knew she had to act fast before the poor child bleeds to death. She removed the strap of her pouch and tied a tourniquet 3 inches above the wound. She tried her best not to move Hao Lian too much as she saw that he was bleeding from his forehead as well.

Very soon, the wailing sound of the ambulance could be heard. Paramedics rushed to the scene. “Ma’am! Thank you, we will take over from here”, one of the paramedics said to Natalie while saluting. Natalie turned to a clearly distraught Xiao Ming, who didn’t say a word since the accident, and comforted him. Two police officers arrived at the scene and Natalie went over to them to give her statement.

Xiao Ming and his father followed the ambulance to the hospital in their car. Both of them sat silent in the car throughout the journey.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Hao Lian was wheeled into the Accident and Emergency department and straight to surgery. While Xiao Ming’s mother was warded for observations, as she was drifting in and out of consciousness, he waited patiently with his father, outside of the operating theatre.

4 hours has passed and there was not updated from the doctors or nurses. Suddenly the doors opened. The doctor walked out and asked, “Are you Hao Lian’s kin?” Xiao Ming’s father answered nervously, “I.. I am the father, how is my son?!”. The doctor told Xiao Ming and his father that the surgery on Hao Lian was a success and told them to wait for Hao Lian at the ward.

Xiao Ming’s father broke down and cried tears of joy, he knew that everything was going to be fine.

It has been 3 days since the accident. Hao Lian was recovering well in hospital. He regretted his actions and cringed every time he thought about how the accident happened. This life changing memory will stay with him for the rest of his life.

The End.

Yikes! I want to write more!

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