School holidays: Love it or hate it.

As a school going child, I looked forward to all the school holidays, even if it was the 1 week long term breaks.

School holidays back then, when I was in Primary school, meant that I could sleep in and bum around the house alone since my parents were at work. Before I got my first PC (386), school holidays meant TV all day long and playing at the community playground.

Computer games filled almost all of my school holidays as I grew older. It was only turning 16 I started working part time to get extra spending money.

Well, those days are more than 20 years ago. Kids nowadays have it better.

There are many more options for kids to spend their school holidays other than going overseas for vacation, staying at home watching netflix and gaming on the PC, xbox, PlayStation, mobile phone or switch. On hindsight if we had netflix 20 years ago. I’d be seriously in trouble.

Staycations has increased in popularity ever since Covid. Its the easiest “vacation” option than traveling overseas. We have had our fair share of staycationing over the years. And just last week we went for the first staycation as a family of 5!

Yes you’ve read that correct. We brought the baby for staycation!

Family room at the Orchard Hotel that comes with a twin sofa bed and a small little tent!

We made use of the Singapore Rediscover vouchers to partially offset the cost of the stay. Thank you Government of Singapore šŸ˜˜!

The last time we had a staycation was back in 2019 where we had no crawling children. So we kind of forgot about our cleanliness protocol because of the excitement of going for a staycation. It may sound silly but packing the luggage always excites me. As for the kids, the thought of going to the swimming pool is enough for them to lose sleep at night. We don’t live in a condominium so we do not have the privilege of a pool within the estate.

Thank God the hotel room wasn’t fully carpeted. If not poor baby would either be carried or crawling around on the beds. The wooden floor felt really clean and we let baby crawl freely (almost).

Time at the pool was fun as usual; even for baby. If not for the 1 hour time limit per room for pool usage, we would’ve stayed at the pool till our skins wrinkled.

We only just stayed at the hotel for 1 night. The amount of things to pack for just 1 night felt like we were leaving the country for good. It was a pleasant stay at the Orchard Hotel and we really missed our beds so 1 night is just right.

Other than staying at the hotel, we visited the Botanical Gardens as well. Living in a concrete jungle, it is beneficial to take walks in parks and soak in nature. The visit was cut short because of rain and we literally soaked in nature while rushing for shelter.

Spotted a huge lizard while walking around the park

What I really missed about the school holiday is being able to get an hour and a half more sleep as I don’t have to do the school run. It’s tiring especially when I only get 5 to 6 hours of sleep. Sacrifices have to be made and that’s what’s dads are for!

Can’t wait for the day when all of them are somewhat self sufficient so I can resume computer games!

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Generation xennial dad trying to bring up 3 girls in this current messy world and keeping sane at the same time.

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