Guilty as charged!

Lock him in and throw away the keys!

Yes, dad guilt is a thing. In my opinion, it’s no longer mom exclusive.

What am I guilty for?

No recording or photo of the film was taken. And no, this is not the IMAX version of the film.

My wife and I left the kids at home with our helper to go watch Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (No spoilers here)! We left them about an hour before their bed time to head to the cinema that is 5 mins away from our home.

We knew that number 1 and 2 would be fine with us leaving them at home with our helper. However, it was number 3 that we are expecting to kick a fuss. Thankfully she didn’t when we left home and she was cooperative until the end of the movie during the credits.

My wife got a phone call from our helper a minute into the credits tell us that number 3 is missing both of us and doesn’t want to go to bed (it’s past 2330h).

I was sitting in my seat anxious and hoping the credits would move at twice the speed. And once everything was done. We sprang out of our seats and ran to the car. Drove home as fast as the law would allow us to and ran home.

Number 3 looking out the door in our helper’s arms with watery eyes.

Lock me in the cell already.

Published by ZED

Generation xennial dad trying to bring up 3 girls in this current messy world and keeping sane at the same time.

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