The worrying never seem to stop

I’ve been worrying alot lately. And I realize that when I was thinking to myself “you don’t worry that much before you were a dad”. I guess worrying means that I care for the matter I’m worrying about. Am I right? I mean, if I didn’t care then I wouldn’t have to worry about itContinue reading “The worrying never seem to stop”

Parenting decisions

Do you find it hard to make decisions? Not only just life altering decisions, but also mundane ones like where to go, what to eat or what to do? These decisions then multiply in quantity and complexity when one becomes a parent. Questions such as what brand of diapers, brand of wipes, breastfeeding or milkContinue reading “Parenting decisions”

School holidays: Love it or hate it.

As a school going child, I looked forward to all the school holidays, even if it was the 1 week long term breaks. School holidays back then, when I was in Primary school, meant that I could sleep in and bum around the house alone since my parents were at work. Before I got myContinue reading “School holidays: Love it or hate it.”

Teeth brushing fun

Not many decades ago, I recall how oral hygiene was “forced” onto us as a school going child. There was time after recess dedicated to teeth brushing. All of us had to bring to school a plastic mug, toothbrush and toothpaste daily. During this “lesson” all of us gathered water from the taps in theContinue reading “Teeth brushing fun”